30 Kinds of Chickens Reared Interesting

For hobbyists ornamental chickens , following several kinds attractive ornamental chickens to be kept:

1.    Chicken Cemani
The chicken is a chicken cemani typical of Indonesia. Characteristic of chicken cemani is all black color. Not only fur, the whole body black cemani chicken. The price of chicken is also very expensive, chicken cemani original could privileges for Rp. 2.000.000, - up to Rp. 250.000.000, - the tail of adult age. But if cemani generally can start with the price of Rp. 500.000, -. Usually chicken cemani used for ritual magic, can cure diseases and is renowned as a carrier chicken hockey. For that chicken cemani much sought after by many people and this includes chicken chickens rare.

If you are a Muslim, never make chicken cemani as a ritual because it includes shirk. Chicken cemani should be used as an ornamental fowl or chicken simply because of its unique shape and color all black.

2. Chicken Red Forest
Red jungle fowl or Gallus gallus chicken-forest distribution is quite wide, including in Indonesia, China, and India. This type of chicken has five sub-species, among others: gallus gallus-on Sumatra and Sulawesi and-gallus gallus bankiva in Java and Madura. While the three other species found outside Indonesia, namely in India and Bangladesh are-gallus gallus murghi, Myanmar and Vietnam-gallus gallus spadiceus there, and in the South China and Hainan are-gallus gallus jaboullei. Red Forest chicken (Gallus gallus-bankiva) spread in Java and Madura has a male adult weighs 0.7 Kg and 0.4 Kg female.

3. Chicken Forest Green

Green jungle rooster has a length of about 70 cm and a weight of about 0.7-1.5 kg. Black chest hair shiny green mingled with end to the yellow-colored, long tail feathers arched, black. Small fur collar, red yellowish, round combs and wattles average single.

4. Chicke Forest Sri Lanka

Chicken Forest Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon Forest Chicken is a family member of a bird endemic to Sri Lanka. These animals became national bird for the country. Sri Lankan jungle fowl hooked up a meeting with red jungle fowl (G. gallus), as described above.

5. Chicken Forest Grey
Grey Forest chicken or Gallus sonneratii. This chicken-sized, rooster with a length of about 80 cm. Hens are smaller, with a length of about 38 cm. Males have a partridge feathers neck, nape and gray coat speckled black and white with red facial skin, white patches on the ears, brownish yellow beak, yellow iris. Purplish black tail with middle tail feathers are long and curved downward. Lower body side white and gray striped legs reddish yellow light with a spur.

Some countries, chicken is often used as a chicken race, where the uniqueness of their form into the assessment, the more beautiful they crested form then the better assessment of the jury - a jury. As an ornamental chicken so it is rarely used as the gray partridge chicken pieces, but they are relatively difficult to cultivate because some cases green jungle fowl often kill newly hatched his own son.

6. Silkie Hen
Silkie hen chickens in Indonesia known as the cotton chicken. Naming is because chicken feathers cotton does have a soft like cotton and unique. Probably came from China, has the cotton-like feathers flared up so it looks great from a distance. White fur color, comb behind the crest there is growth leads to the rear. The weight of 0.8 kg rooster and the female 0.6 kg. Their fur is long indeed serve to keep their bodies warm while extreme climate in china which sometimes come unexpectedly. Just like the chicken poland because of the uniqueness of feathers, chicken chicken race is often used in some countries. Another uniqueness is the chicken's toes there are 5 different with the chicken fingers are usually only four.

Meat and chicken bones black cotton and is believed to have a lot of benefits. To be able to enjoy chicken cotton, you should spend a little deeper because the price is expensive.

7. Chicken Plymouth Rock
Chickens Plymouth Rock chickens also called rock or rock bareed chicken. Color black and white patterned feathers as seen in the picture above. Kind of chicken that comes from America is usually farmed for meat and eggs.

Along with the times, more and more people who do the crossing to produce new types of chicken. Currently plymouth rock chicken varieties consist of a Barred Plymouth Rock, Buff, White Rock and the Blue Plymouth Rock.

8. Ayam Orpington
As the name suggests, orpington chicken is a chicken from areas Orpington, England. Orpington chicken is the result of a cross between chicken Minorca with plymouth rock which then crossed again with chicken langshan.

Crossbreeding is done in order to create the type of fast-growing chickens with high egg-producing plant. So no wonder the picture above shows a very large orpington chicken.

9. Chicken Phoenix
Chicken phoenix is a close relative of the chicken onagadori, the chickens have long tail feathers. Long tail feathers may reach 12 to 27 cm, tail length were obtained from selecting the best genes that allow the tail feathers can continue to grow.

Phoenix chicken is a descendant of Japanese chicken onagadori developed in Germany.

Chicken phoenix is a productive and active animals, chicken phoenix require high protein foods that can grow long tail optimal. The most suitable place to raise chickens phoenix is in larg

10. Short-Legged Bantam Chicken

Bantam small body, short legs and is unique because it has many advantages compared with the usual chicken, especially in terms of beauty feathers, combs, physical appearance and behavior. There are several kinds of Bantam, among others:

1. Chicken local kate

2. Chicken kate batindo

3. Chicken kate Bangkok

4. Chicken kate Gold

5. Chicken kate cochin

6. Chicken kate foot sword

11. Leghorn Chicken
You like the Italian state? If you have not had time to get there, first acquaintance with typical Italian chicken, hehe. Yeah, Leghorn chicken is one kind of chicken that comes from Italy. In Italy chicken is also known by livorno or livornese.

White leghorn chickens are generally pretty. But there are also variants leghorn chickens with another color.

12. Balenggek Chicken
Balenggek Chicken or commonly called the crow balenggek this is one of the Indonesian chicken originating from Solok regency, West Sumatra.

Balenggek word in the language of the community shall have the meanings that minang storied rhythm. It turned out that the crowing of the rooster has a characteristic rhythm graded from 3 to 12 story.

Generally crowing of the cock consists of three parts, namely the front, middle and end of the story or the usual crowing. Chicken, for example, has a crowing cock is divided into four syllables. Then the last syllable longer than three syllables before. Breeds of chickens are divided into three types, based on the physical form, other Atara:

1. Yungkilok Tower

2. Ratiah

3. Randah Stone
13. Ayam Randah Batu
Chicken more low stone or abbreviated words ranbat, is one of the original chicken Indonesia who came from West Sumatra.

Chicken is classified into class Bantam / ratiah. A striking characteristic of this chicken legs and looks at her knuckles were short. On the other hand impression of stout in the chicken is notable because his legs huge circle.

Just like the chicken in general, the color of chicken feathers that attract more low stone make the kind of chicken sold in various shades, such as cockscomb wilah, sumpel and others.

14. Pelung Chicken
Chicken Pelung an Indonesian native chickens grown in Cianjur and Sukabumi, West Java. Characteristics: big, burly and stand upright when its crop stands out. Her legs were long and strong with thick fleshy thighs. Wilah rooster has a large, upright, jagged and bright red while the hen is not well developed.

Although it looks similar to chicken, but when viewed closely appears to be some differences between the chicken with chicken pelung other. One is the size of the section are the hallmark of the comb and large frame.

In a race rooster pelung, criteria assessed the jury does not merely sound kokoknya only. Because it will be difficult for novice participants who only understand how traits pelung best chicken in theory only.

15. Cochin Chicken
This chicken is a chicken that comes from china but thrive in the UK, in addition to chicken English is also widely bred in French by the original developer vietnam. Ornamental chickens are unique because there are a lot of fur at its feet so it looks like a chicken using fur boots. Many people say that it's easy to treat them in the same as other chickens they just need to be given their ordinary feed corn and feed themselves in the grass.

16. Brahma Chicken
Brahma chicken is a kind of multipurpose ornamental chickens for meat and eggs can be utilized. Brahma chickens were first developed in India, precisely in the area of Brahmaputra.

Originally utilized only brahma chickens for meat, for the production of eggs too much chicken Brahma then be used as well as laying hens. But also have a brahma chicken legs covered with feathers gorgeous, so used also as ornamental chickens.

Brahma chicken female has an average body weight of 4 kg, whereas males brahma chickens body weight can reach 6 to 7 kg.

Inversely away with body weight range chicken that only 2 to 2.5 kg. Brahma chickens are very tame and has the ability to survive in different climatic conditions, so as to live in countries with cold climates or hot.

17. Ameraucana Chicken
Ameraucana chicken comes from America. This chicken is still in the auracana chicken because it is a mix between american and auracana.

Chicken ameraucana has a very varied colors such as black, blue, reddish brown, silver and other colors. What is unique about ameraucana is fur a prominent and long in the ear or cheek of the chicken.

18. Sebright Chicken
Sebright Chicken in Indonesia known as batik chicken. This is because the hue is indeed resemble chicken motif. Although named chicken batik but the chicken did not come from Indonesia, the native habitat they came from Europe which is also known as Sebrict Bantam in the UK, many people also thought it was chicken that comes from Italy, but it is still wrong, the hometown of chicken are English. Fur color-carved ornate batik like fish scales are clear and uncluttered. Has a base color and a reddish-brown or yellowish-called Batik Canada, as well as a silvery-white base color is called Batik Italy. Not only in Indonesia, the chicken also has captivated the hearts of many people in the world so that the spread of chicken has been extended throughout the world.

19. Polish Chicken
Or often called Black Poland, despite its name has frills Polland tidk turns this chicken comes from Poland, homeland of this chicken is Russian. They are a kind of chicken that is unique in that they are often in the spotlight a lot of people it is black smooth, roosters have combs such as a horn or a V-shaped and bright red, behind the crest there is a topknot or feather crown of long, dense and stiff white , Hen's comb is not visible as it is covered frizzy fur shaped crown.

20. Rosecomb Chicken
Named rosecomb because chicken's comb has a unique shape. In English, that means the comb and rose comb means roses. This chicken's comb shape is a bit like roses. Different from chicken comb in general.

Another distinctive feature of this chicken is ears that are large and white. Rosecomb Rosecomb chicken or chicken came from England.

21. Naked Neck Chicken
Naked neck in simple English can be interpreted as a bare neck. Yes, this kind of chicken does not have feathers on the neck and head. Chicken is also known as the Transylvanian naked neck because it comes from the region of Transylvania. Another name for this unique chicken is Turken or Kaalnek.

22. Onagodari Chicken
Onagodari chicken is a type of chicken that originated in Japan. This ornamental chickens have feathers clean white and some are black.

Tail shape is very distinctive and unique, that frilly long, so the chicken looks very graceful. For you who want to maintain the type of chicken that one of these, you should be prepared to be bothered because the chicken is quite spoiled, especially in the matter of food.

In Japan itself has a cock honorable title for the Emperor of Japan keen to memilihara onagodari chicken at his residence. They include chicken spoiled, because if you do not provide food commonly eaten then this would strike chicken feed, chicken truly unique.

23. Ketawa Chicken
This chicken has a unique name. Not only people who can laugh, chicken also can be. No wonder that one bird is named Ketawa chicken. Crowing sound much like those who are laughing.

Once the chicken is nurtured and cultivated by the nobility in the kingdom Bugis in South Sulawesi. Chicken Laughter is a symbol of social status and cultural nobility unyielding, brave and successful.

Physically, poultry, also called the Rooster of the East is similar to the usual chicken. Starting from the size, shape, movement and color resembling chicken feathers. The difference, chickens crowing Ketawa been able to since the age of three months.

But for those who first heard it, crowing sound more like doves.

There are three types of chicken laugh:

First; namely Gretek, chicken Ketawa the sound of people laughing with the distance between the laughter quickly while crowed.

Second; Gaga, whose interval Ketawa chicken crowing sound slow and lost like almost stopped but continues.

Third; Dodo, crowing wrenching the hearts of listeners. For you who like to keep and mengembakbiakkan chicken, highly recommend this to raise chickens. Because the chicken is easy to maintain and resistant to various kinds of weather

24. Serama Chicken
Chicken Serama is one type of ornamental chickens that have petite physique among other chickens. This chicken-sized only half of the usual chicken. Ornamental chicken is usually contested by pitting agility in style.

Although he was small, this chicken has high style. Head looked like the proud, chest out, the wing looks a vertical (upright). His posture straight and round. Dada is greater than the rear (back) a big tail, long, tall and erect.

Having a confident and courageous character. Style more often highlighted, as wanted crowed and like to stand. That is some characteristic of chicken Kate Serama. Despite her petite, but the price is extraordinarily expensive. Chick Serama can reach millions, judging from the quality and performance as well.

Once we know the Bantam as the smallest chicken in the world, is now the title was taken by the chickens SERAMA. Chickens are coming from this neighboring country, many known as Kate SERAMA, whereas chicken SERAMA different from Bantam, SERAMA chicken is a chicken that weighs less than Bantam, their weight is only about 8 ounces or 1 kg. While chicken SERAMA females only weighs less than 5 ounces.

25. Sumatera Chicken
The chicken is a chicken Sumatra Indonesian native flourished in West Sumatra. Therefore, local chicken, named Chicken Sumatra. Appearance strapping and handsome stature, however small body size. Chicken Sumatran male has a small head, but his skull wide.

His cheeks were full (solid), thick brow and wattles hanging down. Sumatra chicken beak generally short and solid black, with small ears and black. Sumatra has a comb-shaped chicken and red wilah.

Her skin too red or black, overgrown fuzz rare. Chicken Sumatran male has a weight of about 2 kg, whereas females remained Sumatra chickens weigh about 1.5 kg.

26. Ayam Nunukan
Nunukan chicken is a chicken race the most famous local area Nunukan, Tarakan. The main characteristic of this chicken is found in the rear tail undeveloped.

So naturally if this looks like a chicken does not have a tail. In addition, brown fur with a little black on the ends are the hallmark of another looks dominant in Nunukan chicken.

Its growth in numbers ranging from 20 to 30% annually, making chicken growth is much faster than other chickens. Coupled with the production of eggs were rated on average considerably higher than any chicken.

Therefore, Nunukan chicken is very suitable for the perpetrators of entrepreneurs who want to engage in world poultry and eggs.

27. Kalkun Chicken
Turkey is a large-sized chickens from avian species gallifrmes order geneus meleagris. Male turkeys have larger body size and colorful plumage of the female turkey. Turkeys have long wings susceptible of 1.5 to 1.8 meters.

There are two species of turkeys, namely turkeys M. gallopavo coming from North America and turkeys M. ocellata from Central America.

M. gallopavo turkey wattle or section has a beak sagged below, while turkeys M. ocellata not have wattle. Turkey is a type of asexual animals, because these birds have a unique ability to reproduce.

Turkeys female can produce fertile eggs without fertilized by the male turkey, but turkey chicks produced more susceptible to disease.

28. Bekisar Chicken
Bekisar unique to Kangean Island, Sumenep, the type of chicken that became the pride of people who come from eastern Java. Bekisar is a type of chicken result of a cross between a female chicken with green jungle fowl. The special characteristics of bekisar is the most prominent form of neck feathers tipped round / oval not taper. When compared with the usual rooster then it will be obvious. More beautiful fur color, fur color is based on 3 types bekisar:

1. Chicken Bekisar White

2. Chicken Bekisar Black

3. Chicken Bekisar Multi Color

29. Modern Game Bantam Chicken
Modern chicken is a chicken game from mainland Great Britain (England) between 1850 to 1900. The modern game of chicken is a chicken that was developed for the purpose of ornamental chickens, weighing only about one kilogram, but unique to this chicken is a long leg-like a model.

With long legs and body straight, these chickens are often raced in the contest ornamental chickens in the UK. To raise chickens modern games do not need a large place, simply provide a cage with enough space.

Chickens modern games require a low-calorie diet to keep in shape to stay slim.

30. Arab Chicken
Arab chicken is a descendant of a chicken-silver Brakel Kriel from Belgium. Arab chicken Known for two things: the males have a high sexual power and its presence in Indonesia through its eggs brought by people who perform the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Arab chicken is easily recognizable from its feathers. In all glossy white neck, black speckled fur white back, black wing feathers and white striped tail feathers dominant mixed black and white. Average small comb-shaped pink and black eyes circled with yellow.

Genetically, arab chicken strains belonging to domestic poultry is superior, because it has the capability of high egg production. Most people use arab chickens to produce eggs instead of meat, as chicken arab blackish color skin and meat of domestic poultry thinner than usual so that the meat is less appreciated by the public.

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