Earthworm To Increase Strength Punch Cockfight

Strong force fighting cocks will be easier to win in the game of chicken contest, and vice versa. Because of minimal force fighting cocks will lead the chicken fatigue that ultimately the movement of fighting cocks will be slower. Both in the opponent's punches or shy away from the chicken was launching a punch.

In addition to the treatments were nice, the chicken also require additional food and multivitamins to gain physical fitness and stamina nice. To obtain a fighting cock who have the energy and stamina were nice, the chicken should get regular care and always got the extra food that is suitable for live action later.

After fighting cock routinely get treatment, chickens also need food to build and as backup power if needed when pitted chicken. For the type of food can be offered a meal of chicken brown rice. But basically foods such as brown rice, corn and grain should be given in accordance with the temperature of their environment, because feeding is not appropriate will have an impact on the stamina of the chicken. As the cold temperatures chickens fed corn then automatically become old chicken feathers and chicken will be easy to molt in the Java language chickens will embroideries, so when the embroidery chicken chicken experience will have poor stamina. For that meal fighting cocks for ambient temperature is not too cold can be fed brown rice.

Once the chicken has access to food that meets their needs, to get a fighting cock with weighty and powerful punch, chicken can be given additional food including chicken can be given food such as earthworms.

Earthworms are the types of foods that contain protein fighting cock excellent for fighting cocks absorbed when pitted chicken. Because the fighting cock when pitted in third streams and so the chicken had an endless source of energy produced from carbohydrates in the body which ultimately chickens will absorb protein in the body as an energy source. Earthworms are a good food to be absorbed in the body of the chicken, because it contains high protein.

Besides having a high protein, earthworms also contains taurine which can improve the metabolism of fat which is then converted into ATP or energy. The effect applies to all creatures including for fighting cocks were fighting in the arena.

As for the content of earthworm contains amino acids and proteins by 76%. It also contained as much as 17% amino acid, carbohydrate 45% and fat content and the ash is only 1.5%.

Not only that the benefits of earthworms, there are still other benefits, among others:

1. Drug diarrhea. Diarrhea / diarrhea is a disease that is often encountered by farmers and hobbyists cock fight. Earthworms as one of the traditional medicine can cure this disease. Earthworms into the antibacterial properties of the E. coli and shigella bacteria that cause diarrhea / diarrhea in chickens. Read also the article 6 Remedy Natural Herbal Medicines For Chicken Diarrhea. ,

2. Smooth circulation of blood. Earthworms have an enzyme that is able to destroy the bad fats in the blood circulation system. Circulatory system so that the chicken will become more fluent. ,

3. Digestion. Earthworms as is known to contain many proteins that help the body's biological activity of the chicken in particular helped force while doing battle. The content of the enzymes, seluosa, and a catalyst is needed the body for the metabolism of many contained in the body of an earthworm. Therefore, indirectly, earthworms can help expedite the digestive system.

As for feeding the earthworms could be given two times a week. For chicken portion could be 2-4 tail earthworm depending on size, if a pencil just give 2 only. For how gift: The earthworms clean of impurities present in the stomach and then cut into small pieces to be easily swallowed by a chicken. Or if a small worm can directly dilolohkan in chickens. In fact if the chickens are routinely fed as above, when pitted against the chicken will have stable energy and fatigue are not visible until the fourth streams chicken stamina is still stable, these foods also affect the weight of the chicken punches. Chicken blow more weight and is stable.